Nimbus Independent - Contrast

Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:38:12

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: The Walkmen - Four Provinces
  2. Eric Pollard: Jimi Hendrix - Hey Baby (New Sun Rising)
  3. Andy Mahre: Alpha Blondy - Jah Houphouet
  4. Blake Numan: Bobby Womack - California Dreamin'
  5. Pep Fujas: The Walkmen - On The Water
  6. Chris Benchetler: Iggy Pop - The Passenger
  7. Credits: The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

The difference between action sport films is often just athletes and locations, where the edit formula remains the same. Skiing is about more than the latest trick and best action from the previous season. With that in mind, Nimbus Independent is proud to announce their second high definition motion picture, titled “Contrast.” The new film examines the difference between objects, people, concepts, color, light and the skiing of Pep Fujas, Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, Andy Mahre and Blake Nyman.


Matt Simpson,

This is not your average ski film. Contrast steps back from the all out action of the parks and the backcountry and focuses more on the skiers, the skills and personalities of the Nimbus Crew – Braden Pep Fujas, Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre, Chris Benchetler and Balke Nyman. Contrast invites us into the lives of the crew. We get to learn a little about them, from their childhood roots and upbringing in the sport, to how they approach skiing now as well as getting to see some excellent skiing footage.

The film is insightful and interesting and unlike other ski films favours interviews rather than voice over narration. Interviews can sometimes become a bit stale, but with multiple cameras on the go and good editing, they manage to keep these potential stalling points interesting and focused. Nimbus said they were trying to capture the influence, experience and the adventures they have, and I think they have documented this to the best of their ability.

Although the film is shot in digital it makes good use of post process effects, which add a dream like quality and a feeling of reminiscence and nostalgia. Many of the outdoor images feel a bit sad; plenty of grey sky and filmed on dimly lit days, but it soon becomes clear that this in fact only adds to the feel of this film and detracts from none of the entertainment.

In terms of actual ski footage we are treated to an abundance of powder and some neat Backcountry tricks. You won’t see any long speck on mountain shots from the opposite peak here - everything is up close on the athletes, Nimbus punctuates the skiing with images of the locations and beautiful cinematography. These skiing segments are not just fun to watch, they are inspirational. This film, more than any other this season makes you wants to clip in and hit the mountain.

This film isn’t for action, adrenaline junkies, nor is it for the park lovers out there. It is mainly for the powder junkies out there, but this shouldn’t put anyone off. For me this is one of the best ski films ever made, it’s beautiful, inspirational, insightful and enjoyable. The action isn’t thick and fast but rather slow and smooth. The film has an ethereal quality, which is fantastic.

This is a film made for skiers, it’s not really about a particular discipline; it’s about a lifestyle. A must watch film for everyone.

Rate: 5/5