Poor Boyz - Idea

Release date: 2007
Run time: 00:42:47
Company: Poor Boyz

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Nate & Matt Stubhar - Intro
  2. TiredEyes & Cali P. - Fall From The Sky
  3. TiredEyes - Walk With Me
  4. TiredEyes & Cali P. - Take Care of My Family
  5. TiredEyes - To Say Goodbye
  6. Justin Weigand, Matt Strubhar - Untitled 1
  7. TiredEyes & Cali P. - Untitled 2
  8. TiredEyes - Where the Clouds Are
  9. TiredEyes & Cali P. - Untitled 3
  10. Matt Strubhar & Tired Eyes - Untitled 4
  11. Tim Groza, Dan, and TiredEyes - Untitled 5

The film project Idea is the concept of three professional skiers; Eric Pollard, Any Mahre and Pep Fujas. These skiers have spent close to a decade innovating and creating on skis. Now they are creating a different kind of ski film. Together with filmmaker Eric Iberg they set out to document their unique perspectives on a sport that has shaped their lives.

"Idea was the first project that we all stepped back from filming for big productions and did our own thing." -Eric Pollard

Nimbus was practically born out of this project. It was the first movie that Eric, Pep, and Andy worked together on and they have been working together with Nimbus ever since.


from skifilmreviews.com

Idea is the product of three pro skiers; Pep Fujas, Eric Pollard and Andy Mahre. Together these three professionals show a lighter side of freeskiing. A film more orientated around fun rather than how far you can push the physical and emotional limits to.

At just 43 minutes long this film is neither too long or too short. I find it's the perfect length. The film opens up with a slow progression from summer to winter and jumps instantly into some wonderful backcountry powder shots. From then on you get all the backcountry goodness from tree-skiing to jibbing. However, cliffdrops are rarely shown and leaves you wanting to see a little bit more from the extreme side of backcountry skiing. That said, it makes the terrain a lot more relevant to the films' viewers as most advanced skiers would be able to ski the terrain that's skied in Idea.

For the park lovers, there is quite a bit of park in this film with some cameo snowboarding performances thrown in there too. You can tell early on that this film is more orientated around park and jibbing than steep lines.

Even in the Alaska segment there seems to be a distinct lack of steep lines which we've come to expect from the “Alaska segment” of all ski films out there. But, perhaps, that's what makes this stand out from it's competitors? Rather than skiing purely steep lines in Alaska you see these group of riders enjoying theirselves with snowmobiling, off-roading, and just general horsing around. I wouldn't say this is a bad thing though, it plays to the different aspect that this film has. Afterall, which other film shows riders ski more open bowls than steep lines? This, yet again, has a greater appeal to those viewers who want to see the professionals ski terrain that they can.

Further shown by the Mt. Baker segment which just shows more and more powder. In fact, this film rarely has a shot where there is no powder present. If you love powder films, you will love this film.

Overall the soundtrack is easy-going, which works perfectly seeing as this film is more fun than serious. The editing is nicely done and there is no talking whatsoever in this film. So if you're one of those who loves powder, park, watching professionals ski the terrain that you can ski, a nice relaxed vibe, and a film without any talking. This is for you.