Poor Boyz - Wski 106

Wski 106
Wski 106Wski 106Wski 106Wski 106
Release date: 2004
Run time: 00:46:32
Company: Poor Boyz

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Cali P. - Just a Little Pepper
  2. Kalyani & Anandji - My Guru
  3. Rascalz - Top of the World
  4. Benefit - Midget Mania
  5. Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
  6. The Band - The Weight
  7. Curtis Mayfield - Right On for the Darkness
  8. Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem
  9. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone
  10. Session - Killa
  11. Parliament - Bop Gun

Tanner Hall and Eric Iberg team up this year to produce skiing's most entertaining ski film to date WSKI106. With Poor Boyz Productions, skiing's leader in freestyle ski films, skiing's best skiers of today and tomorrow, and one talented editor, the two have created a new type of recipe for ski films. WSKI106 brings you these nine athletes' ultra egos through a radio show, showing you why they are the best with their own little twist. With midgets, pimps, hoes, baby powder, and one top gun you can't go wrong.