Powderwhore - Breaking Trail

Breaking Trail
Breaking TrailBreaking TrailBreaking TrailBreaking Trail
Release date: 2011
Run time: 01:04:27
Company: Powderwhore

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Ki Theory - Young Islands
  2. Ki Theory - My Thoughts
  3. O'Death - Bugs
  4. Sea Wolf - Your A Wolf
  5. Honey Claws - Pemporer
  6. Budds Band - Up From The South
  7. Black Angels - Young Men Dead
  8. Funeral Club - Save My Soul Conquistador
  9. Siberian - Belgian Beer And Catholic Girls
  10. The Starlight Mints - Zoomba
  11. Bronco - Deep Waters
  12. Tolchock Trio - Goose
  13. Ether Orchestra - These Fires Burn Fast
  14. Helio Sequence - Can't Say No
  15. Michael Menert - Alpha Omega
  16. Pretty Lights - High School Art Class
  17. The Scotch of Saint James - Oliver
  18. Phosphorescent - Hej, Me I'm Light
  19. Credits: Jake Sakson - Jake Sakson Rap

There are winters and then there are especially wintery winters. Last season, Utah's Wasatch mountains and most of North America experienced a non stop record breaking whopper of a winter. We spent the season Breaking Trail through endless storms on a mission to crush as many snowflakes as possible. We estimate the number of flattened crystals to be somewhere in the trillions. So crank up the stoke-o-meter for an hour with some of the most talented skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers choosing their own adventure in the backcountry.