Powderwhore - TeleVision

Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:57:56
Company: Powderwhore

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Kevin McLeod - Sunshine
  2. Kevin McLeod - MTA
  3. Kevin McLeod - Stringed Disco
  4. Deastro - The Shaded Forest
  5. 76 - Little Libertine
  6. Deastro - Toxic Crusaders
  7. Colourmusic - Yes
  8. Kevin McLeod - Showdown
  9. Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Go Back Home
  10. Pretty Lights - My Other Love
  11. Steven Delopoulos - Feet Upon The Ground
  12. See-I - How You Livin
  13. The Helio Sequence - Repeater
  14. Kevin McLeod - Pinball Spring
  15. Audible Mainframe - How They Used To
  16. Unkle - The Answer
  17. Pretty Lights - Sunday School
  18. Linus Stubbs - Smoky Bar
  19. Mux Mool - Death 9000
  20. Kevin McLeod - The Parting
  21. Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce
  22. Credits: 76 - Little Libertine

Powderwhore Productions is pleased to announce the release of their 6th telemark ski movie “TeleVision”.
This season we're skinning into your living room to grab the remote and tune you into our finest backcountry ski flick yet. A strange "El Nino" year forced us to climb further, dig deeper and flat out try harder in order to create a film worthy of "A Powderwhore Production". Mission accomplished. “TeleVision” is our continuing tradition of filming the top telemark skiers in the world playing in untracked powder mixed with big lines, humor, flight time, spills, and all the required deep face shots of a good ski porn. So put on your snuggie and top off the bowl of cheetos while you enjoy the program! “TeleVision's" highlight reel delivers the finest backcountry powder skiing from classic big-mountain arenas around the world. This year?s feature includes huge Alaskan lines in the Chugach ripped to shreds by the lovely and talented Megan Michelson, Telemark World Champion Paul Kimbrough, and young phenom Jake Sakson. Resident Powderwhores Noah Howell and Jason West take care of business as usual on their home slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. Another successful trip to the remote peaks of Haines, Alaska, puts Nick Devore, Andy Jacobsen, Will Cardamone, and Chris Erickson on top of the steepest lines ever touched by telemark skis. Andrew McLean, Noah Howell, Jim Harris, and Courtney Phillips venture deep into Alaska's Revelation Mountains to explore and ski first descents. Ty Dayberry flips and spins his way back onto the screen as only he can do. And of course, we deliver our deepest powder feast ever, starring Paige Brady, Will Cardamone, Chris Erickson, and Jake Sakson, all smothered by the greatest snow on earth.


from skifilmreviews.com

Another year comes and goes, and with it comes a new Powderwhore film. Their 2010 film is called “Television.” I should probably mention that I have never telemarked in my life. Nonetheless, the core aim is to entertain, and get us pumped to go out in the mountains. Let’s see how Television does...

The first thing I notice is that this film has an ongoing theme revolving Television. Rather than have segments flow into each other Powderwhore have decided to just “flick over” as if they were watching television. Each segment starts off with a sort of skit mocking modern television programs. Whilst I agree that this was a very creative approach and is probably very hate/love, I can’t say I loved it. I felt it would have been better suited as a bonus feature. It just seemed to detract from the skiing. Although I did find the skits humorous, here I am discussing Powderwhore’s comedic prowess rather than their telemarking!

Back to the telemarking then! The action you will find in this film is just like every other Powderwhore flick to date, packed with powder - lots of it. There are minutes of face-shots, some amazing Alaskan lines, and even an impressive park segment. It is good to see that whilst Powderwhore don’t have much competition, compared to their alpine friends, they are still doing the best to progress the sport.

Despite how good the telemarking may be, and how amazing the terrain is, I found the filming to be a bit disappointing. I wasn’t pleased with the continuous changes of film quality, which was apparent throughout the film. Some of the long-rage shots also seemed to be a bit shaky. It should be mentioned that Powderwhore do not have the budgets of the likes of Matchstick Productions, TGR or Poor Boyz Productions so it is perhaps a little unfair of me to criticise them on this aspect.

Did Television entertain? Did it make me want to learn how to telemark/go to the mountains as quick as possible? Yes.

Television; showing that telemarkers are going steeper, higher, faster but that they just are missing the budgets of their alpine friends.