Red Bull - Say My Name

Say My Name
Say My NameSay My NameSay My NameSay My Name
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:26:48
Company: Red Bull

Tracklist / Soundtrack
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  1. Dustin Vagra - Wolves
  2. Hussle Club - Loose Tights
  3. Little People - Above The Clouds
  4. The Chords - Strangers In The Night
  5. Dustin Vagra - Lion's Den
  6. The Animals At Night - Tiger Stripes
  7. Woodhands - I Can't See Straight
  8. MileHi - We Wanna Party

Say My Name follows female professional skier Grete Eliassen as she travels the globe, skiing alongside Lynsey Dyer, Sarah Burke, Keri Herman, Ana Segal, Kaya Turski and Suzanne Graham. Shot fully in high-definition, the film explores what its like to be an international ski superstar pushing boundaries. In Grete’s words, “Women have been skiing hard forever and I want them to see the full circle that I live in, having fun in the park and taking sleds out into the backcountry.” Grete blasted 31 feet off a world record hip jump in Utah and slashed lines at Red Bull Cold Rush in Retallack, BC before she exited the 2010 season with locomotive-like energy. Since its inception, this movie has been envisioned with a single message: Inspiration and when the credits roll you’ll see this X-Games athlete as few others have.



Say My Name is an all-female ski film backed by Red Bull Skiing and is heavily concentrated on Grete Eliassen. In fact, it would be unwise to think that this isn't a film revolved around Grete Eliassen. It's main unique selling point, besides being an all-female ski film, is that it is exclusively available on iTunes for a few dollars. I had high expectations for Say My Name considering the success of Red Bull's previous ski film - Tanner Hall's "The Massive." Would this all-female ski film, hopefully, progress female skiing for the better? Let's find out...

Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to write positive things about this film. Whilst it is only under thirty minutes long the film tends to drag on. This isn't due to the quality of skiing though, in fact the quality of skiing is good. However, there is too much footage of Grete and not enough of Lynsey Dyer, Suzanne Graham, Elyse Saugstad, Keri Herman and Sarah Burke. If this is a female's ski film then why am I seeing 95% of Grete and only 5% of five other great female skiers? This was perhaps one of the most disappointing aspects to the film. It seemed as if I was just watching a Grete Eliassen promo video.

With regards to the type of skiing, it is pretty even between backcountry and park. The most interesting part to the film was perhaps Grete's world hip female record attempt but this could have been filmed and portrayed in a much better and more interesting manner.

There are also short clips of an interview with Grete regarding her thoughts about skiing which come across as over-rehearsed to the degree that it is cringe-worthy. It's surprising that the director didn't pick up on how awkward Grete's speaking parts felt.

The above is just one example of how the editing and filming just destroyed this film. One must question whether the blame on why this film is so poor should rest on Stan Evans (producer/co-director) and Jeremy Miller (co-director) or not. For one, there are more still shots of Grete and time-lapse landscape shots then there are shots of skiing. What makes it worse is that once you do get to see Grete ski they decide to either zoom in completely on Grete - so you can no longer truly appreciate how difficult the terrain she is skiing is - or they transition to the next clip before she's even finished her line. This coupled with unnecessary glamour shots of Grete just help to further devalue this film. It almost seemed as if they didn't have enough footage to make a film so decided to fill it with minutes and minutes of filler shots.

Say My Name could have been a crucially successful ski film; a ski film that could have helped inspire many female skiers to push themselves to the next level. Sadly it doesn't even come close to doing that. A truly disappointing film.