- Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap
Mind The GapMind The GapMind The GapMind The Gap
Release date: 2006
Run time: 00:45:42

Tracklist / Soundtrack
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  1. Intro: Switchfoot - Happy Is a Yuppie Word
  2. Intro: Day of Fire - Wake Me
  3. 2Five Tha Hood Reverand - In da Streetz
  4. tobyMac - Getaway Car
  5. Manafest - Session
  6. Paul Wright - Your Love Never Changes
  7. Kutless - Hearts of the Innocent
  8. Audio Adrenaline - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
  9. JustMe - All Works Together Syntyst
  10. Verbs ft. Syntyst - New Day
  11. Audio Adrenaline - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher
  12. L.A. Symphony - End Is Now
  13. Hawk Nelson - The One Thing I Have Left
  14. Relient k - Be My Escape
  15. Braille - Keep On
  16. Ton - Nureau Ink
  17. Credits: DJ Maj - Boggiroot (The Anthem)
  18. Credits: Iona - Temptation

Mind The Gap shows freeskiing filming at it?s highest level yet including th most spectacular follow-cam filming seen anywhere. With the feeling of gliding through the air, "skifilm" capture Charles Gagnier as he does a huge 900 tail grab at Breckenridge while Candide lives up to his big reputation doing an amazing 630 to rail. Jon Olsson does his new kangaroo flip and Andreas Haatveit does a 270 on to an incredibly long 43 step street rail. JF Houle does an amazing 70meter bio 9 mute while Grete Eliassen and Michelle Parker lay down for girls and Sweeden?s 14 year old new comer Henrik Harlaut shows his emerging talent.Andreas Haatveit, after last year?s record high trick at June mountain, again provides a spectacular sequence doing 900 on an incredible 35 meter gap from an 8 meter kicker while the camera crew follow him right across the 35m gap, up close, in one of the most amazing ski film shots ever seen.