- Strike

Release date: 2005
Run time: 00:44:50

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Benjiman - Activate
  2. The Cross Movement - A Girl Named World
  3. Day of Fire & Josh Brown - Time
  4. Relient k - More Than Useless
  5. Manafest - Skills
  6. The O.C. Supertones - Just a Man
  7. 4th Avenue Jones - Take Me Away
  8. M.O.D. - The King's Speech
  9. Day of Fire & Josh Brown - I Am the Door
  10. Pigeon John - Life Goes On
  11. The Cross Movement - My Life Cypha
  12. Crash: The O.C. Supertones - Attitude
  13. Credits: John Reuben - All I Have

See skiing being pushed to new limits by some of the world?s best riders. Filmed in Europe, USA and Canada. Strike is packed with tons of action, amazing tricks and deathly runs. Filmed in their usual high quality and at incredible speed Strike conveys the adrenalin rush on snow to the screen and confirms the crew at as the most exciting new name in the world of ski filming.