TGR - Anomaly

Release date: 2006
Run time: 01:06:19
Company: TGR

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Kraddy - Wiggiddi
  2. ITG - AXrmx
  3. Purple City - Purple City Byrdgang
  4. Kraddy - Muertos f Sasha
  5. Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song
  6. Swollen Members - Blackout
  7. Greenleaf - Black Black Magic
  8. Random Rab - The Riddle
  9. Rob The Viking - Go for Mine
  10. Swollen Members - Grind
  11. The Walkmen - The Rat
  12. Cage - Perfect World
  13. Bryan Ingram - The River
  14. Trouble Andrew - Uh Oh
  15. Halou - Stonefruit
  16. Marc-Andre Belliveau - Sink In a Hole
  17. Matisyahu - King Without a Crown
  18. Rob The Viking - Let My Record Rotate
  19. Rob The Viking - Under Street Lights
  20. Wolfmother - White Unicorn
  21. Stiffed - Everybody's Got It
  22. Murder by Death - Brother
  23. Skopnik & D-Jaze - The White
  24. The Procussions - Fight Here
  25. Classified - Heavy Artillery
  26. Richard Skopnik - Jack And Jill
  27. Alpinestars - Carbon Kid
  28. Phish - Chalk Dust Torture
  29. Credits: Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song

Teton Gravity Research presents a film that departs from the common order of skiing and snowboarding.Anomaly showcases the freakish and abnormal abilities of today's top athletes as they push the boundary of what is humanly possible. Watch these athletes forge into a brave new world of riding in locations around the globe. Watch the riders adapt to the dynamic mountain terrain in Japan, Morocco, Jackson Hole, Alaska, Aspen, British Columbia, Switzerland, Corsica, Whistler, Oregon, and France.


Dom Small,

Straight out of the Teton Gravity Research machine comes Anomaly which is the usual mish mash of high quality filming combined with top notch athletes and a certain degree of humour. The movie opens up with a classic odd intro which sets the scene and then whisks the viewer straight to Ian Macintoshes segment. This is the kind of skiing most of us dream to do and the select few can do. Macintosh sets up huge lines and totally destroys them at Jackson Hole, this is a promising start to the movie and leaves you wanting more. Duly granted in his Haines, AK segment. The music and cinematography help create one of the most memorable and adrenaline(check if it has an e) driven moments in the movie. The pacing of the movie is varied and this makes for a better rounded experience.

The journey to Morocco stands out and Micah Black's line "That is Africa" is enough to set any travel hungry skier into a fit. The total difference from clean organised European and American resorts is showcased in a humorous tone that reaffirms the fact that being on snow is loved world wide.

Big air sections are well represented but don't be confused. This is a movie of epic lines and back country jibbing. Not urban jibbing or total park tricks. In terms of influence it's clear that the legendary Doug Coombs, who is treated to a special dedication, played a large part in the direction this movie took. This is a good thing, and it is certainly a fitting tribute to the father of modern steep skiing. A small criticism is that there is so much going on, from Roner's sick line to parachute, a tribute to the Tram at Jackson Hole, Jamie Pierre proving religious fanatacism has even infected skiing and not to be forgetting the first triple backflip filmed for TGR! Viewers wanting big budget heli-skiing, world wide travel hopping and big lines will love this. Park monkeys and urban jibbers look elsewhere.