TGR - Generations

Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:17:17
Company: TGR

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Snowflake Bentley Intro: Kevin Macleod - Comfortable Mystery 4
  2. Vermont Intro: Ben Krames - One Day Instrumental
  3. Vermont: Philip Sheppard - Mare Nectaris
  4. Vermont Outro: MOsley WOtta - Boom For Real Instrumental
  5. California Intro: Moby - Lenox
  6. California: Dolman Black and The Brain - Sun Is The One
  7. Chamonix Intro: Dolman Black and The Brain - Seraphaim
  8. Chamonix: Kevin Macleod - Zombie Hoodoo
  9. Chamonix Outro: Moby - Flying Foxes
  10. Credits: Sandy Garnett - Busted Wing

Within the span of a lifetime, one can observe the planet's changing climate. Skiers, snowboarders, farmers and climatologists across the world are experiencing the effects of climate change. Ski areas in the Northeast United States are witnessing shorter winters. California’s farmlands are experiencing water shortages. Europe’s glaciers are receding at alarming rates. Generations is a film about the consequences of climate change and shows you what you can do to make a difference.