TGR - Salad Days

Salad Days
Salad DaysSalad DaysSalad DaysSalad Days
Release date: 2002
Run time: 00:36:46
Company: TGR

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Freddy Be - Track 09
  2. Timo Maas feat. Kelis - Help Me
  3. David Bowie - Black Country Rock
  4. Mike Ladd - No. 1 St.
  5. Minor Threat - Salad Days
  6. Aesop Rock - Dead Pan
  7. Psychotic Larry - Cop Porn
  8. Cauge - Breakthrough
  9. Timo Maas - O.C.B.
  10. S.B.S - Downday
  11. People Under the Stairs - Acid Raindrops
  12. Azzido da Bass - Dooms Night
  13. Zero dB - Click
  14. The Nice Ups - Pick It Up

Salad Days, noun: a time of youthful indiscretion and delinquency What really are the salad days? TGR answers with the tightest in jib style and culture. Check it: backcountry air, cliffs, rails, urban, pipe, and more. Witness skiing's new generation experience the sessions they wish would last forever. These are the happy days, the salad days as they say, when the boys are green in judgment, cold in blood.