TGR - Uprising

Release date: 1998
Run time: 01:03:12
Company: TGR

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Opening: Cirrus - Leap into the light
  2. Opening: Alpha Blondy - Cocody Rock
  3. Scenes from Daydreams: Blue Stingrays - Stingray Stomp
  4. Tahoe: Unwritten Law - California Sky
  5. Thievery Corporation - KC Doppler
  6. Kreitler: Fat - Dog
  7. Jackson Hole: Widespread Panic - Porch Song
  8. Bad Marsh - Easin In
  9. Jackson Hole Pow: Shift - I Want to Be Rich
  10. Europe: Sister 7 - This the Trip
  11. Fat - Downtime
  12. Jib: Five Fingers of Funk - About Time
  13. Avalanche Danger: Dj Ming and The Mac - Sugar Kane
  14. Propellerheads - Take California
  15. Allison Gannett: Sprung Monkey - Greta
  16. Heli on Boat: Cirrus - Ghetto of Life
  17. Jeremy Jones: Junkie XL - Underachievers
  18. Nobis: Sprung Monkey - Super Breakdown
  19. Strung Out - Too Close to See
  20. Story Ending: Cirrus - Superstar DJ (Mad Mix)
  21. Ending Scenes: Fat - What we do
  22. Credits: Culture - Freedom Time

From the makers of the award winning films The Continuum and Harvest sking videos. This film from Teton Gravity Research encompases six countries, seven helicopters, fouteen mountain ranges, and twenty of the best skiers and snowboarders on the planet. Travel the globe with the TGR crew witnessing first descents, exploring new terrain and visiting places most people have never heard of. Uprising is a classic ski and snowboard film covering the progression of freeskiing and snowboarding. Nobis, Svenwick, Jeremy Jones and others ride sick locations throughout the world. A must see!