Time For The Whiteroom

Time For The Whiteroom
Time For The WhiteroomTime For The WhiteroomTime For The WhiteroomTime For The Whiteroom
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:36:30
Director: Simon Platzer

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Ostinato - Hey You Up In The Tower
  2. Rainer Grandther - Dropin' In
  3. Heifervescent - Seed Of Sin
  4. Lofafair - Die Brombeere scharft den Verstand (IIOI Remix)
  5. Window Earle - Oh No!
  6. Timesnewroman - Our Home
  7. The Botanical Garden - Simple
  8. Creo - Malediction
  9. Outro: Lohstana David - Dans Un Petit Verre d'eau (Instrumental)

Time - for the Whiteroom Ski & Snowboard Film

Whiteroom: a room that is free of bacteria used for assembling precisous equipment or for laboratory work.
In Freeriding: disappering in a huge dust cloud of fresh powder snow, where you can only see white white and white.

What time is it?

During the record breaking winter in Tyrol the freeridepros Bj?rn Heregger, Flo Orley, Johannes Hoffmann, Max Zipser, Daniel Regensburger, Roman Rohmoser, Fabian Lentsch & many more tried to get to the bottom of this question. Their adventure led them not only to the European Alps, but also to the unexplored mountains of Kyrgyzstan and even to the freeride eldorado Alaska!
This freeride movie offers through its astonishing nature pictures, adrenaline-filled big mountain lines and endless deep powder scenes an exciting mix that will stir every freerider's blood!
Simon Platzer, director, cameraman and editor, wants to give an insight to the freerideseason of 2011/12 and answers this question with his 35 minutes motion picture: IT'S TIME FOR THE WHITEROOM!