Toy Soldier Productions - Come Find Us

Come Find Us
Come Find UsCome Find UsCome Find UsCome Find Us
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:52:54

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Freelance whales - Generator 1st floor
  2. Broken Bells - The mall and misery
  3. Somewhere Else - make it...Lali Puna-remember
  4. Inspired flight - Its the chemicals
  5. Miami Horror - Moon Theory
  6. Phantogram - when im small
  7. Florence and The Machine - cosmic love...Pretty lights
  8. Phantogram - Mouth Full Of Diamonds (Remix)
  9. Mumford And Sons - Little Lion mMan
  10. Outro: We Plants Are Happy Plants - Sailing In A Dream Boat

"Come Find Us" is an HD ski and snowboard film devoted to revealing both the hidden talent and the vast variety of freestyle terrain Montana has to offer. The film seeks to unify freestyle riders in Montana and display their unique lifestyle. We are setting out to break down the walls of the secluded rider community. No one is off limits. The goal of this film is to put Montana on the map of the freestyle world.


Joey Sczurko,

Come Find Us is a movie based out of Montana, mainly in Bozeman. It’s about a group of skiers and snowboarders, who want to get Montana’s name out there. There might not be riders like Tom Wallisch and Henrik Harlaut in Come Find Us but there are a lot of great unknown kids who will not only blow your mind but help make the rider roster in this film incredible. The roster is around sixty percent skiers,and forty percent snowboarders.

The movie length is around fifty minutes, and has about eight parts. Three urban parts, three park shoots, and two backcountry jumps. The movie has some incredible shots such as Colin Collins, one of the more well known kids in the film, 180 tapping a highway overpass and landing inches from a moving train. David Steele has a couple of nice powder shots. Luke Tankana, another one of the more well known kids, goes out of character and destroys some urban, but still has some characteristic powder shots within the movie. Look out for unknown Mitch Gilman and Brock Paddock. They have some incredible shots including a wallride lincoln loop one eighty out. Mind blowing.

The soundtrack of the movie was mainly upbeat indie rock tracks, which are extremely uncharacteristic of ski movies but were executed well in this movie. These upbeat songs added to the good vibes of the park shoots. Toy Soldier Productions managed to exellently combine an inspiring single vocal sing with a huge backcountry booter, thereby adding to the largeness and scariness of the jump.

The cinematography is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the movie. Toy Soldier Productions have truly created some jaw dropping timelapses, and powder shots. They've also managed to sucesfully use a fisheye to a whole new extreme. One of the more memorable shots was when they incorporated an overhead apple picker, far over the jump, and did a follow cam from that, which was one of the best shots of the movie.

All in all, Come Find Us, is an incredible movie, and also Toy Soldier Productions’ first film. Toy Soldier have done a brilliant job to the point where I'm already looking forward to their next film. It was that good. There is also a special surprise at the end when a snowboarder hucks himself of a jump and lands a sketchy triple - a triple nonetheless. I recommend you all to watch Come Find Us.