Voleurz - Kill Your Boredom

Kill Your Boredom
Kill Your BoredomKill Your BoredomKill Your BoredomKill Your Boredom
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:30:25
Company: Voleurz
Director: Darren Rayner

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Brendan Benson - Jet Lag
  2. Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch
  3. Rafter - Paper
  4. Help Me Devil - Chiken Walk
  5. Lucifer's Friend - Ride The Sky
  6. Danny Drive Thru - Get Dis Remix
  7. Fitta Happier - Quakers feat. Guilty Simpson
  8. Deer Tick - Let's All Go To The Bar
  9. Iron Claw - Pavement Artist
  10. Justin VDP - Sneaky Tapeworm

Voleurz' eighth feature-length film showcases the antics and exploits of the Voleurz family, and features snowboarders and skiers forced against each other in an all out bloodbath. Who will take the throne?

Kill Your Boredom highlights include riding from newly appointed Voleurz snowboarder Geoff Brown jumping unique road gaps and adding a double cork in the backcountry to his already heavy bag of tricks; skier Rob Heule shows us what it takes to be skiing’s up-and-coming urban slayer, proving that the infamous 5-kink elbow rail in Calgary is actually possible; and of course, the hilarious and not-to-be-missed Winter Volympics will once again leave your mom asking, “who are these morons?”