Warren Miller - Storm

Release date: 2002
Run time: 01:34:41

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Zebrahead - I Am
  2. Moth - Burning Down My Sanity
  3. Medeski, Martin & Wood - Ten Dollar High
  4. Dave Matthews Band - Mother Father
  5. Grand Theft Audio - Drugs and Girls
  6. The Baldwin Brothers - Urban Tumbleweed
  7. The Baldwin Brothers - Funky Junkyard
  8. Ani Difranco - Make Them Apologize
  9. DeWolfe Music Library - Vivaldi's Four Season Summer Movement
  10. Conrad Simon - Antonio Vivaldi's Summer Presto
  11. Uninvisible Medeski, Martin & Wood
  12. Zero Zero - Pink and Green
  13. Grand Theft Audio - As Good As It Gets
  14. Todd Rippo & Deluxe 71 - Radiate
  15. Brak - Highway 40
  16. The Wiseguys - Cowboy '78
  17. Reckless Kelly - Snowfall
  18. Ordinary K - Funky Meter
  19. Aimee Allen - I'd Start a Revolution
  20. Rusted Root - Welcome to My Party
  21. Gomez - Shot Shot
  22. Nickel Creek - When You Come Back Down
  23. Roni Size & Reprazent - Who Told You
  24. James Mathus & His Knockdown Society - Diggin' My Potatoes
  25. Ordinary K - Funky Meter
  26. Dry Cell - So Long Ago
  27. Imani Uzuri - Again

Warren Miller's Storm once again brings extreme snow-sports fanatics doing their thing in the most amazing places on Earth to you. Check out the Storm crew on a helicopter skiing trip to beautiful Blue River, British Columbia, and later get inside the psychology of Aspen, Colorado, residents who live for snow and spend every day in the mountains. Take a retrospective detour to Sun Valley, where property was once cheap, Hemingway and Gary Cooper vacationed together, and Miller--now almost 80--began shooting his first 8mm ski movies in 1947. Cross the desert in Lake Tahoe to ascend white-topped hills ripe for snowboarding, and hang out with extreme bikers for whom cities, parks, campuses, and mountains are all part of the same stunt-worthy surface. The film's climax finds skier-climbers replicating Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated trip to Antarctica's South Georgia Island, one of the most haunting and astonishing spots on the planet.