Airblaster - Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders
Respect Your EldersRespect Your EldersRespect Your EldersRespect Your Elders
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:28:45
Company: Airblaster

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Skylar Thornton and Brandon Cocard - Waiting on the Sun
  2. The Lonesome Billies - William Davis
  3. Mega Meat - Eddy Emmington Jamboree
  4. Shake Bones - Outerspace
  5. Shake Bones - Cheeseball
  6. Mega Meat - Baker
  7. Aaron Oropeza - Balloon
  8. Aaron Oropeza - Dark Hour

Join a group of today's most progressive and entertaining up-and-coming young pros on a balls-to-the-wall road trip from California to Alaska, shredding and learning from the most awesome snowboard legends of all time. Respect Your Elders combines amazing snowboarding, awesome antics, and a great story to make the shred entertainment experience of the year! Travis Parker and Josh Dirksen take Ben Lynch and Brandon Cocard into the backcountry of Silverton, Colorado for some lesson in freedom, powder, and how to make a split board with a .45 caliber… and the adventure continues from there. Respect Your Elders weaves travel, personalities, and every type of ripping snowboarding together into a story that you will watch again and again. Ride shotgun on this epic journey, and join our young pro snowboarders on their quest for knowledge, air time, and a video part that will put them one step closer to the legendary status that the Elders have earned.