Burton - Women

Burton - Women
Burton - WomenBurton - WomenBurton - WomenBurton - Women
Release date: 2013
Run time: 00:14:44
Company: Burton

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Rough Francis - Comm To Space
  2. Junkie XL - Fly Zone
  3. Malcom Kirby Jr. - Dark Oasis
  4. The Sixties - Ticket To Happiness
  5. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Heart Attack
  6. The Sixties - It's Alright
  7. Deer Tick - The Bump

The third of a four-part series, Burton Presents WOMEN [SNOWBOARDING] features the riding of Kimmy Fasani, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Arielle Gold, Enni Rukaj?rvi, and Cilka Sadar. From the backcountry, to the halfpipe and slopestyle, watch as they break down the stereotype that women can't hang with the guys. These riders don't just talk about pushing limits and why it's so important for women's snowboarding - they show it.