Isenseven - A Way We Go

A Way We Go
A Way We GoA Way We GoA Way We GoA Way We Go
Release date: 2013
Company: Isenseven
Director: Alex Schiller

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Trailer: Silver Firs - Away We Go
  2. Ok Kid - Alles Oder Nichts Mehr
  3. Brodka - Varsovie
  4. Lied von Spiel - A Way We Roll
  5. Dan Croll - From Nowhere
  6. Ramona Falls - Spore
  7. Born Ruffians - Needle
  8. Papa - Put Me To Work
  9. Foxygen - Bowling Trophies
  10. Wampire - The Hearse
  11. Hudson - Against The Grain

"A Way We Go". That's the name of the game. Our 2013 full length film. Number twelve in a row.
This year's film documents the season of Alex Tank, DBK, Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak and Ludde Lejkner, on their journey through the world and their home countries in search of the best snow, the best spots and most of all: The best times! They are joined by the usual suspects Marco Smolla, Fips and Tobi Strauss and there are a bunch of cameo appearances by many other homies, new and old.

This film will give you more insight on what goes on during our trips to far away places and there will still be more snowboard action than you can shake a stick at.

We hope you'll love it. Because Isenseven loves you!