Loon EveryDay

Loon EveryDay
Loon EveryDayLoon EveryDayLoon EveryDayLoon EveryDay
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:11:50
Director: Skylar Brent
Country: USA

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Kevin Macleod - Happy Alley
  2. Kevin Macleod - Impact Allegretto
  3. Rifle Men - His And Hers
  4. Billy Bao - Evapogoration
  5. Jinxremover - Tellin Lies
  6. Foreign Friends - Feeling Always Last
  7. Kevin Macleod - Brightly Fancy

Loon Mountain Resort is excited to announce the release of "Loon EveryDay," a video that showcases the big airs, endless jibs, and behind-the-camera talent that are a part of everyday life at Loon Mountain's award-winning terrain parks.

Featuring members of the Loon Mountain Snowboard Team and other local riders, "Loon EveryDay" celebrates the passion, camaraderie, and progression that define Loon's vibrant park scene. The video is sure to give snowboarders and skiers a sense of the sheer scale and variety of Loon's terrain parks, which Transworld Snowboarding recently named among the top three in Eastern North America.