Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:27:10
Company: Gonzilla.tv
Country: UK

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Sinfonia Electronique - Binaural Feedback
  2. Brad Sucks - Certain Death
  3. Parsley Flakes - Dead Living
  4. MIT Concert Choir - O Fortuna
  5. Alaclair Ensemble - Le Magicien
  6. Brad Sucks - Dirtbag
  7. Tinyfolk - Lonely Winter
  8. Louis Le Mercier - 16
  9. ProleteR- May Flowers feat. Taskrok
  10. Evias - Deux Paysages
  11. JC Pierric - Australia Surf
  12. The Pick-Up Artist - Getting Away
  13. Man Bites Dog - Milk And Honey

In the winter of 2011/12 we asked UK riders to submit footage of their season to us. The idea was to create a film that showcases British snowboarding - from indoor to dry slope, street to park, to powder and beyond. This is what we got...

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all who contributed to the making of this film. You are all rather awesome!

We are committed to providing you with access to the film in the highest quality possible and for that reason we have provided links for direct download of the original source on our website gonzilla.tv/2012/10/portrait-a-crowd-sourced-snowboard-film/. You can also download it here from the Vimeo page under the download tab.

This is to encourage ease of use (so you can watch it on whatever device you damn well like, from Smart TV’s to android and beyond) and also to ENCOURAGE filesharing.

We hope you enjoy the film, and DO share it freely with others. Just tell them we made it and said “hi!”.