What is Tikut ?

"Tikut is snowboarding crew from Jyv?skyl?, Finland. It was founded in the year 2008. We were watching Nick Visconti's part in Stack Footy and he had so tight pants in it, that his legs looked like two sticks (in finnish Tikut) especially in the shot where he does a tailpress to this wooden down rail (img525.imageshack.us/img525/9702/visconti.jpg) . After that we started calling our "thing" and later the blog "Tikut".

In the beginning we had an official KBR productions blog where we were allowed to post only official KBR prod stuff. A Little part of the crew wanted to post more videos including ones that are not that "official", videos that represents us and who we are and some pics of our daily life. So we decided to start a blog of our own.

Tikut blog was and still is kind of a lifestyle blog. Year after year we've made new videos and things have got bigger. In the past few years Tikut have developed from only maintaining a blog and making videos in to a movie production also. And we are proud to present, our first full length movie TIKUT."