The Untouched Project

The Untouched Project
The Untouched ProjectThe Untouched ProjectThe Untouched ProjectThe Untouched Project
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:26:50
Company: Legit FIlms
Director: Mitja Legat
Country: Slovenia

“Untouched” is a Slovenian film project, connecting skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry areas, combined with the love of nature and exploration of untouched mountainsides in winter season.

Filmed, edited and produced by LegitFilms.
The presenters of the film are snowboarders Domen Bizjak and Matev? Pristavec (both top competitors in FIS Big air) as well as Matev? Ma?ek (a competitor at freeride competitions FWQ).

New school skiing has been gaining popularity for several years, although Alpine skiing as we know it now actually evolved from freeride. This new style is presented by Bine ?alohar, multiple national champion in all disciplines.

All of them are experienced competitors whom we wish to present in a completely new light, emphasizing mostly their creativity and ability to transmit tricks from the park to natural environment. They are all well aware that they might reach the Slovenian and European competition tops, but they cannot beat nature. It is only possible to get to know it thoroughly, get acquainted with the conditions and then get really close to nature, enjoying everything it offers.