Level 1 - Refresh

Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:55:52
Company: Level 1

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Caribou - Sunsesame
  2. Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)
  3. Skyscrapers - Paradise (Darwich Edit)
  4. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Cappadonna - Iron Maiden
  5. Little People - Basique
  6. Laden - Inna Life
  7. Klee - Gold
  8. Demarco - Standing Soldier
  9. Zion I - Caged Bird Pt. 1
  10. Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat (The Teenagers Remix)
  11. Juelz Santana - I Am Crack
  12. Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants
  13. Egadz - Clear the Battlefields
  14. Credits: DJ B Roc - Nanana

Never before has the sport of skiing changed and progressed so much, so quickly, as it has over the past decade. With changes in equipment, accessibility of terrain, and most importantly the mindset of some of the world’s best athletes, skiing today is not what it once was… An integral part of these recent changes, Level 1 looks back and challenges perspectives of where the sport has come from, and where it’s going in their tenth-anniversary offering, “Refresh.” Keeping true to their humble roots while exploring every arena that skiing has to offer the Level 1 crew serves up the most diverse ski entertainment to date. New things will never get old- fresh images of big jumps, deep powder, technical urban exploits, steep lines, and memorable terrain park action with a collection of the sport’s best and brightest talent.


Joey Sczurko, skifilmreviews.com

Level 1’s Refresh was nominated for a slew of awards at the International Freeski Film Festival, and even took home the award for “Best Jib Flick.” Awards aside, director Josh Berman and crew may have created the greatest ski film of the decade. From the shots of Josh Bibby in waist deep powder to the incredible urban skiing provided by Tom Wallisch, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, and Will Wesson. Refresh even boasts the guest commentary from the greatest ski film maker ever, the legendary Warren Miller. Level 1’s latest ski film is sure to please. Refresh pack’s the ultimate punch of freestyle skiing; Josh Berman has a crew of twenty plus skiers to get the ultimate shots for Refresh, and has set the standard for freestyle ski movies.

Refresh starts off with an unforgettable intro where Josh Berman recalls his younger days of idolizing Warren Miller, sneaking into his favourite Warren Miller films, and his early days with the camera. Soon Warren Miller’s famous voice comes in to summarize what freestyle skiing is, and what it has become today. The intro certainly has many surprises, and gets you stoked for Tom Wallisch’s intro part.

The first ski part is that of Tom Wallisch’s, described as a “Jesus” among freestyle skiers, Tom’s part lives up to all the hype. Music by rap legend Talib Kweli kicks in, and the intro shot is the famous quad kink rail that Tom Wallisch made famous in his Superunknown, and last year’s Level 1 film Turbo. Tom’s part is mainly urban with some jumps and booters mixed in. To sum it up, “the pretzel man’s” part in Refresh is beyond marvellous.

From Wallisch the viewer gets transported to Haines, Alaska, which includes some epic powder shots. If you’ve seen a Level 1 film before, you should know what to expect as Berman gets exasperating shots of powder.

Level 1 newcomer Phil Casabon demonstrates that he may be new, but fits right in the Level 1 crew with his creative flair. He, like Wallisch hit mainly urban, but also some booters, and he had a couple park hits..

The viewer gets reintroduced to Warren Miller as he comes in to describe Chamonix, France, and its wonders as the best mountain in Europe. The big mountain skiing in this part, much like the powder shots were sublime. Berman does a great job showcasing Chamonix’s vast space, and leaves you drooling over the incredible terrain that Chamonix provides.

It isn’t all good though. The segment that features the likes of Tanner Rainville, Josh Bibby, and Cory Vanular is definitely the low part of the movie. Their tricks simply lacked innovation and were nothing special. It should be noted that Vanular has been injured for the past two seasons.

Next destination: Helenski, Finland. Described by Warren Miller as a place that nobody would ever want to go skiing there...until now. Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson, and others go to work on Helenski’s craziest quad kinks, and flat rails with twenty foot drops. This segment, mixed with the European song leaves you massively stoked, and made me want to pick up my skis and go ski urban immediately.

There is more to come with the introduction of Mike Hornbeck. Hornbeck is pretty much the master when it comes to nollie’ing onto and out of rails. He reminds the viewer again how he is bringing jibbing to a whole new level. A memorable moment from this segment is when Jon Brogan, who has a cameo in Hornbeck’s part, does an amazing un-natural 270 lip onto an urban downrail.

Yet another notable segment is that of Henrik Harlaut. Henrik is an incredible park skier, who has mastered the switch 1620, among other things. He brings “thug” to a whole new level with his “afterbang” out of almost every urban rail. This is Henrik’s first year on Level 1, and his part was nearly as good as veteran Tom Wallisch’s, which says a lot.

The final segment is that of Wiley Miller, which in my opinion was very dull. It was the typical tree skiing, and backcountry booter skiing that Wiley does. Unfortunately though, unlike the majority of the film, it lacked any memorable moments.

Overall, Refresh sets the standards for a freestyle ski film. The soundtrack was varied, from gangster rap to 70s hits. The urban is incredible, the powder for the most part is incredible, and each year Level 1’s line-up just keeps growing. If I could only purchase one movie this whole year, it would have to be Refresh. It was well...refreshing!

Peter Germaine, skifilmreviews.com

This year sees the 10th anniversary of film company Level 1. Their latest film Refresh aims to recall the memories of the previous winters and the last decade. To celebrate this they have the famous Warren Miller talking in both the intro and the conclusion of the movie. This adds a great touch to the film and helps bring back some nostalgic memories of the great Warren Miller narration from a decade ago.

Level 1 kept to their filmmaking standards, namely having a lot of park and urban as well as some backcountry. It should be mentioned that Refresh won the IF3 award for “Best jib flick” this year, and they fully deserved this win. After all they had trips to both Finland and Michigan to solely ski urban.

Will Wesson plays a key role in highlighting what Level 1 is famous for, their innovation on urban features. However, that’s not to say that they only filmed urban in this movie. The film also captures their backcountry trips to notable places such as Chamonix, Alaska, Utah, and a few others.

Refresh includes celebrated athletes like Tom Wallisch, Henrik Harlaut, and Wiley Miller, just to name a few. I believe that Level 1 always has the best and smoothest style, which is portrayed by all of their athletes. They have Tom Wallisch who has his famous afterbang style which is becoming seemingly more popular among the newschool scene. Then there is Phil Casabon who is arguably one of the smoothest skiers out there. Lastly, from a backcountry standpoint, there is Wiley Miller who is one of the smoothest backcountry skiers today.

During the park shoot at Mammoth Level 1’s athletes threw their best tricks off four awe-inspiring features, which you will have to see for yourself to believe.

Unsurprisingly, the soundtrack of this movie consisted of a lot of hip-hop music, which fit the newschool style of the movie very well. I believe that this movie is one of the better park and urban skiing movies of 2009 even though the backcountry skiing was not to the level of some of the other movies this year.

Personally I was very pleased with this movie, and believe that it is the type of film that you can watch over and over without becoming bored. Refresh is a very memorable film from a decade-long ski film production company.