Poor Boyz - Everyday Is A Saturday

Everyday Is A Saturday
Everyday Is A SaturdayEveryday Is A SaturdayEveryday Is A SaturdayEveryday Is A Saturday
Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:58:28
Company: Poor Boyz

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: Pronobozo - Every Day Is A Saturday
  2. Dane Tudor: K'naan - Take a Minute
  3. AK: Zion I - In The Mornin' (Caged Bird, Pt. 2)
  4. Rail Steeze: Shaun Greggory - Red Angus Limosine
  5. Tanner Hall / CR Johnson: Alex Kane - Percusive Maintenance Device
  6. Tanner Hall / CR Johnson and John Spriggs: Cookie The Herbalist - Cyaan Stop (feat. Cali P)
  7. Tanner Hall: Munga - Rise
  8. Andreas Hatviet: Reef The Lost Cauze - Humble Beginnings
  9. East Rails: Cunninlynguists - Dance for Me
  10. Nike 6.0: Trouble Andrew - Chase Money
  11. Baker: Ladytron - Beauty 2
  12. Charley Ager: Zion I - Caged Bird Pt. 1
  13. Sled: Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  14. Park: Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)
  15. Windells Heli: Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm
  16. Tim Durtschi: Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff
  17. Credits: Loverboy - Working for the Weekend

Every day begins with a process, even on a Saturday. This season Poor Boyz brings you a candid account of what it takes to get from point A to point B. Everyday Is A Saturday will bring the entirety of the sport into light. Whether it?s waiting for that bluebird day to come or countless training sessions before a competition, Poor Boyz aims to provide a chronicle of each process, from the mental standpoint to the prearranged state of bliss. Any skier knows that feeling- to work hard, play hard and share epic days like Every Day Is A Saturday, just out skiing with friends.

Whistler, BC; Mt. Baker, WA; Mt. Bachelor, OR, Ski Bowl, OR; Cooke City, MT; Utah Backcountry, Idaho Backcountry, Montreal, Quebec, Durham, NH; Boston, MA, Haines, AK; Interior BC; Summit County, CO, and Norway.


Matt Simpson, skifilmreviews.com

Everyday is a Saturday (EDIAS) is the latest action packed flick from Poor Boyz Productions. The Film features the likes of Simon Dumont, Tanner Hall, Jossi Wells, Andreas Hatviet, Mike Henituk, Tim Durtschi, TJ Schiller, Anthony Boronowski, the late CR Johnson and more.

“Everyday is a Saturday equals fun”, a statement that echoes itself in this movie. This film has plenty of energy and is motivated by an absolute killer soundtrack. From the opening montage the film sets a standard. The tricks are big, and the lines are epic.

The thing I liked about EDIAS is the fact that it’s consistent. Unlike some other films that tend to flake out halfway through, Every Day is a Saturday keeps its quality control on throughout.

It’s hard to say EDIAS has a structured format, it doesn’t concentrate on one particular arena and then move onto the next. Instead, it flicks between a few. I for one, love this, I find segmenting films into disciplines can lead to either a section becoming boring or it ends and leaves you wanting more.

EDIAS flicks regularly between big, epic lines, soft powder in the backcountry, the park, and some killer Urban.

The action is thick, its fast, and its huge! The cinematography is to the usual high standard that we have come to expect from Poor Boyz. There are plenty of beautiful lines shot on bluebird days. There is also a particular great helmet cam moment from Mike Douglas that any powder monkey would die for.

Additionally, the film has a super park segment which I think highlights the progression made in the sport. Some of the tricks look like they have come straight out of the latest console games, a grind on a chairlift cable… Enough said!

Poor Boyz always produce a quality film, although I don’t think EDIAS is the best flick out this season it remains an absolute must see.

Rate: 4/5