Poor Boyz - Revolver

Release date: 2010
Run time: 01:19:38
Company: Poor Boyz

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Intro: The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings
  2. Sammy Carlson: DL Incognito - Grand Scale
  3. JP Auclair: Rush 2112 - Overture
  4. Bene Mayr & Nike 6.0: The Living Graham Bond - Winter Hunter Ft. Fiona Bevan
  5. Edmonton: Zion I - Coastin
  6. Dane Tudor: Phantogram - Voices
  7. Whistler Pow: Bassnectar - Timestretch
  8. Japan: Wax Tailor - Once Upon A Past
  9. Charley Ager: Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress Nero Remix
  10. Pep Fujas: Justice - Phantom Pt. II
  11. Urban: Project Lion Heart - Handle That
  12. Whistler Crew: The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It
  13. Riley Leboe: The Heavy - Short Change Hero
  14. Mt. Bachelor: Justice - Genesis
  15. Jossi Wells: Rich Hill - Wont You Tell Me
  16. Julien Regnier: Mattafix - Living Darfur
  17. Tim Durtschi: Soulsavers - Unbalanced Pieces
  18. Simon Dumont: Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)
  19. Credits: White Apple Tree - Break it to Me

Poor Boyz Productions with Salomon are proud to present Revolver! The 2010 film from Poor Boyz Productions focuses on the progression and the factors that have coincided with many great advancements of the sport of skiing. (Over the last decade skiing has exploded into what we know it is today. But skiing has had many trying moments long before the end of the 20th century.) This season Poor Boyz Productions plans to showcase today's raw talents of skiing in a high action, retrospective, yet progressive look at what factors are pushing the sport today.