Think Thank - Cool Story

Cool Story
Cool StoryCool StoryCool StoryCool Story
Release date: 2009
Run time: 01:07:20
Company: Think Thank
Director: Jesse Burtner

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. DUMP — Get ya hustle on
  2. I was a king — It's all you
  3. Chad vanGaalen — Flower Gardens
  4. Go motion — Different in time
  5. Sunset rubdown — Stadiums and shrines II
  6. Johnny miller — Memories of the past
  7. Ween - Friends
  8. Blind Pilot - One Red Thread
  9. Cut Off Your Hands - Happy as can be
  10. The Craft Economy - Big Purse, Lil' Dawg
  11. Viva Voce - Die a Little
  12. Matthew O'Toole - Going to Alaska
  13. Police Teeth - Psychedelic Vasectomy
  14. Scissors For Lefty - Ghetto Ways
  15. Los Gran Torinos - Death Bird
  16. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
  17. The Pica Beats - Shrinking Violets

Cool Story" is the story of Think Thanks best season yet, often times hilarious, some times poignant and always a little different. From Ben Bogart's ghetto fabulous economic reality to Mark Thompson's first double cork to Chris Beresford's culinary culture shock and everything in between; "Cool Story" weaves a tale familiar to all snowboarders yet, until now, left largely untold. With full video parts from 15 of the worlds most progressive riders "Cool Story" packs a punch as both a hard hitting freestyle tour de force and an in depth look at the culture surrounding us.