Magic Hour

Magic Hour
Magic HourMagic HourMagic HourMagic Hour
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:55:15
Company: Remedy Films
Country: USA

[Magic Hour]: The time of the day when the stars have aligned in some other time zone, but for that one hour, dawn or dusk, for a short time, everything is perfect. The wind has calmed, the sun gave way to perfect lighting, and the boat is loaded with weight, fuel and friends. There is no other feeling quite like carving across a cove of uncharted glass, launching off a double-up back lit by the sun or looking down at the water and seeing nothing but determination and pure bliss staring back at you. This is "Magic Hour" and this is what wakeboarding is all about.

As a sequel to their debut wake film, "A Single Day", Remedy Films followed the events and progression of the Georgia and Alabama wake scenes, driven by Singleton Marine Group in the summer of 2011. The film was shot across 4 lakes and all of SMG's local events.

Remedy used an array of equipment to shoot "Magic Hour". Much of the over-cranked (slow-mo) shots were captured with the RED One and the Panasonic hpx-500. Also in the arsenal were multiple Canon 7d's mounted up with Canon L and Zeiss glass, GoPro Hero HD's and a Panasonic hpx-170. The Kessler Cineslider was used for all dolly shots and moving timelapses.