Release date: 2011
Run time: 01:33:30
Company: STUND

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

  1. Ep.1: Supergarage - Pop Pop Radio
  2. Ep.1: Lehtmojoe - Tom Petty
  3. Ep.1: Phatheads - Beat Like What
  4. Ep.1: Jaya The Cat - Thank You Raggae
  5. Ep.1: BellaDonna - Drum Boogie
  6. Ep.1: Face To Face - The New Way
  7. Ep.1: MG! - Rukus Guitar
  8. Ep.1: Teddybears Stockholm - Different Sound
  9. Ep.2: OohLaLa - Yeah People
  10. Ep.2: Dirty Heads - Taint
  11. Ep.2: Karch Kale - Spirits In The Material World
  12. Ep.2: Ziggy Marley - Electric Avenue
  13. Ep.2: Fugazi - Waiting Room
  14. Ep.2: Blockhead - Get Your Regal On
  15. Ep.3: OohLaLa - Yeah People
  16. Ep.3: Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass
  17. Ep.3: Just Jack - Doctor Doctor (Fred Falke Remix)
  18. Ep.3: Monsieur Blumenberg - La Vita
  19. Ep.3: Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
  20. Ep.4: OohLaLa - Yeah People
  21. Ep.4: Broken Bells - The Mall & Misery
  22. Ep.4: The Who - Eminence Front
  23. Ep.4: Social Distortion - Sick Boy
  24. Ep.5: OohLaLa - Yeah People
  25. Ep.5: Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
  26. Ep.5: Dangermouse - Ghetto Pop Life
  27. Ep.5: Anti Flag - The Press Corpse
  28. Ep.5: Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night
  29. Ep.6: OohLaLa - Yeah People
  30. Ep.6: Jose Gonzalez - Down The Line
  31. Ep.6: Good Riddance - Darkest Days
  32. Ep.6: Ladyhawke - Magic
  33. Ep.6: The Faint - The Geeks Were Right
  34. Ep.6: Unwritten Law - Teenage Suicide
  35. Ep.6: Young MC - Bust A Move

Episode 1:
The crew spends some time shredding around on the local trails, then we head over the Garett's backyard for some serious big jump lines, and finish off with an old trail from DropIn times that was re-vamped by Kinrade.
It's a way of life in Nelson, have fun, ride bikes with friends, and do it again the next day. Nelson is home to Kinrade, Buehler, and Sorge, and they all wanted to show off their little piece of heaven to the rest of the world. It's impossible to showcase just how rad the place is in just one episode, but it will have to do for now.

Episode 2:
Williams Lake

Episode 3 - Cable caming the Sunshine Coast:
Local filmmaker Bjorn Enga, from the legendary Kranked series, steps in with his RedCam cable system for some ultra crispy shots, Linden and Holly Feniuk guide us around and show us what's up in their backyard, and Romo embarks on a personal quest to find some famous pacific coast fish to throw on the BBQ. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard!

Episode 4 - Big Bikes in Big Mountains:
Episode 4 takes us from the Sunshine Coast to the alpine ridges and slopes of the Purcell Mountains for some true Freeriding!
Panorama Mountain Resort hooked us up for a few days while we shredded the mountain and found some super fast alpine single track. Once we had our fill we went on a search for some serious big mountain lines deep into valleys of the Purcell Mtn. range. Local legend and DropIn season 1 star Byron Grey joined us for a day of shredding in his back yard and keep us laughing the whole time.

Episode 5 - Sending it in the loops!:
We set out to take our mountain bikes to their full potential. To utilize all the technology and design. Years of progression from riders and the companies that have supported them have pushed the sport to this. These bikes truly are mountain warriors. We are the gladiators laying stake to what is ours! Freeride.

Episode 6 - The Best of STUND:
For those of you who have been following STUND this year and the past 2 season you all know what this show is about. Mountain Biking Lifestyle. That says a lot actually. We live and breath what we do in our lives and when you give that much of your life to a sport in the way which we do, it becomes your life. The Best Of STUND is a chapter in each of our lives. There's no doubt that each year we leave a legacy behind with this show. The time, energy, sacrifice and finances that each member of our crew gives to make this show can not be fully understood by anyone. We do this for the love, and we think that's why everyone should be in this industry.

The fat has been chewed and left nothing but the lean cuts for one last sender of an episode. Ladies and Gentlemen... The BEST OF STUND!

Thanks to all for watching, this show is for the viewers because you make it all possible. A huge shout-out to all the sites that broadcasted the show, our sponsors for taking the chance on our dream and most importantly the riders and crew of this show. You are our most valuable assets. From all of us with stund, thank you for the support!

Enough talk, lets ride!